Friend For Life

I wrote Friend For Life on my piano one evening. I was thinking about how some friends that just become friends for life. Sometimes life takes you in different directions, but you are always still there for each other. The recording style is raw to capture the emotion, I hope you like. 

We filmed this video ourselves (thanks Dad). I love shooting with my Dad because I really feel like I get to have a say in  the way I want it. The video starts with a younger version of myself played by Brooklyn Paige and a younger version of Bryce Mitchell played by Kohen Mills. Its your classic girl moves in next door and they become best friends and then girl moves away. 

Brooklyn and Kohen were incredibly easy to film they made the video look great. My favourite part was the water balloon fight. I filled the balloons up a bit too early and because it was such a hot day, but they were popping so easily, it was a lot of fun. 

I can be a little socially reserved, but shooting with Bryce was great fun as I already knew him form my music video "Not Gonna Wait".  The scene in the trees were I fall into the swamp was definitely not planned lol. I didn't get hurt but I did get lots of scratches and bruises (so worth it). I was in a pageant a week later and I had to cover the mess with make up. When we were cooking in the kitchen, we had planned to actually cook the cake but I put in way to much milk in and made a mess of it, the laughing was real lol. The scene at the table were Bryce learns I am leaving was so funny. We had ice chocolate drinks with cream on top, I needed my cream refilled about 4 times because I kept eating it, so good.

This year I have a few new songs coming and when they have all been released, I will be putting them together into a mini movie. Hopefully it all works out.

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