My Way Out Of The Dark

This one is a song that I wrote while I was thinking about some amazing friendships that I had and have, but how life can just sometimes pull you into a different direction. It reminds me how important it is to appreciate what you have while you have it. I wrote it on my piano and I decided to keep it raw, I was afraid too many instruments might take away from the vulnerability of the song. 

I was so lucky to have been sponsored by Spoil Yourself Gowns for this video ( hence all the blue dress photos on my insta haha) 

Now it should have been the easiest shoot ever. No one to co ordinate, just me and a piano. We used the WA Ballet which a place dear to my heart because I have been doing ballet for so many years. The plan was to shoot in the dark with streams of light gradually getting brighter and the room was to be filled up with smoke.  

Well that was a mistake haha, we set the fire alarm off and the fire brigade came, I felt so bad. That was strike one for the WA Ballet fire call outs oops. So we were able to continue and the smoke alarms to the room were bypassed (apparently lol). So another hour into the shoot already behind schedule, it happened again. Fire alarms going off, strike 2 ahhhhh lucky they get 3, but I was feeling pretty bad about it. 

So we had to give up and try again the following week. This time daylight and no smoke, I was not taking that risk again. In the end I am really happy with how it turned out and I am still welcome at the WA Ballet, phew lol.

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