Take It In 

I am so excited to release my new song Take It In. Every time I see it, it just takes me back to Karijini National Park. Honestly one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Originally I started writing Take It In when I was on a family country drive. I was inspired by the vastness of the land. After we made plans to take a trip to Karijini, I just knew that it would be the perfect place to film a video for this song. We only had our phone and a drone but the scenery does all the work.

We went up in a Lets Go Motor Home, it took about 18 hours. We did stop half way for a night in Big Bell. Big Bell was once a busy town but after the mines dried up people started leaving, until eventually everyone left and the town just became ruins. I though it would be spooky staying there, but it was actually extremely peaceful.

Karijini was a challenge for showers but you can swim in the gorges. We spent a few days tracking all the gorges to find the perfect one to shoot the video also there were signs everywhere saying "No Drones" hummm. We did find the perfect gorge nicknamed Spidermans Walk. It was so much fun getting to it as we had to swim through a section. My dad carried my dress and camera above his head. When we got to our spot in the gorge and we were so lucky to have a python snake chillin in the water. It was scaring all the tourists, especially since a lady had been bitten by a King Brown the day before (walking barefoot off the track is a bad idea haha). The footage of the snake is at the start of the video. Eventually the ranger came to relocate the snake because it was getting cool (so cute).

All the shots where you see me in the long grass, I was equipt with a sweeping brush to bang the ground to clear off any snake. It was making people laugh (I ain't stupid, I live next to a lake full of Tiger Snakes, I'm experienced).

On the last day we found a sneaky quite spot to use the drone. We wanted that classic iconic shot of the drone coming up through the gorge, with me standing at the very top. We got the footage and the ranger also came down at the exact time we were filming, oops. He was fine with it, he said you can use drones as long as there are no other people in them. Also he was a songwriter himself, so that was a bonus. At the end of all that though, the footage some how vanished noooooo. So it is not in the video :( Maybe I will get it again one day.

I hope you love this song as much as I do and maybe it will inspire you to explore this beautiful world xx