1. Stuck
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This song was written for The Magic Coat Foundation, to aid in good mental health.


Verse 1
No one’s alone in this life, so don’t go thinkin you are.
Everybody has bad times, it makes up who your are.
Verse 2
Always remember your not alone, so don’t make yourself the one who takes the load.
Everyone has a weight on their shoulders, we just gotta learn how to cope.
Cause everyone’s gone through it, everyone has
Just always remember the bad times pass
So don’t let yourself be wrapped up in fear
No matter what age you are, no matter how many years.
Your only stuck if you feel guilty, stuck in a bad mood
Already feel like your gonna lose
Cause your stuck in your depression, stuck in this state
Stuck feeling like there’s no escape
Post Chorus
But there is and there always was
Cause there is and there always will be.
Verse 3
Cause trust me, you’re not stuck, In this hole of bad luck.
So don’t let yourself, think you are, cause believe it, your not
Pre Chorus
Post Chorus