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Verse 1
Here’s my tale about an epic dating fail
Started out well like it always does
I guess it’s true, it was never gonna be me and you
Everyone knew but I guess I didn’t
Pre Chorus 1
And now its time to say goodbye and
I’m not gonna cry after what you said to me
I’m just gonna go, better off alone
Thanks for nothing, nothing at all
I’m just gonna go, try to forget this happened.
And now that you’re not here with me
It’s hard to believe, but I don’t care.
Verse 2
I guess I kind of knew it all along
Maybe it’s why I’m writing this song
I’m not mad, in fact I’m kind of glad
This has shown me, your instincts know best
Pre Chorus 2
And now that I have said goodbye
I’m living my life, so here’s what I say to you
Chorus x2