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Verse 1
Here we are getting ready, going play hard, put your hands up.
Set the stage, pick the band up, tonight we’ll make our own.
Pre Chorus
Hit the volume, gonna turn it up.
No regrets now, get loud.
Can’t stop us, common hear me now
Get ready cause you’ll wanna stay
Were gonna rock the house tonight
Get ready cause were gonna have a good time
Won’t stop until its light. Woo ohh
It’s gonna be the night of our lives
Verse 2
Watch the crowd, hit the dance floor, we’ll rock it up all night.
Forget the time, forget the curfew, we don’t have to go home.
Pre Chorus
We are young, we are free, so make it as you want it to be
We have time so take it now, enjoy the time while its still around.