Bailey Perrie is a singer-songwriter from Western Australia. She has a clean, catchy, meaningful, commercial pop style. She has performed at many prestigious Perth venues including RAC Arena, and Optus Stadium, along with many important events such as The Royal Show, and Telethon. Music has been the fuel to her fire since she began writing at just 11 years old.

Since her first release in 2017 (‘Step by Step’) Bailey’s catalog has continued to grow and increase in quality. She has charted on Oz Country Music Radio, Tiger FM89.9, Banks Radio, and numerous others. Her song "My Way Out of the Dark" from her first album Emergence reached number 1. Using her experience in acting and dance she creates music videos that complement each song. Bailey currently stacks up 1.45M views on YouTube and has received numerous awards for her music.

This year Bailey released her first commercially produced pop album, Unpaid Therapist, which she feels has paved the way for the next chapter of her musical journey. Now playing guitar the music to come is driven pumped up pop rock. With the first single to come from the 3rd album due to be released in May, called, "You Kinda Like It". The music video will be filmed in LA by Zenon Samuels.

The discography of Bailey Perrie continues to grow in strength and quality with new music being released regularly. 


New Talent 2021 (GMMA Gold Medallion Media Awards)
‘Surely’ Pop Youth (Red Carpet Awards Holland)
‘Hand in Hand’ Easy Listening (Red Carpet Awards Holland)
‘We’re Gonna Be Alright' Best Original Song 2022 (Yohfest)
‘Epic Dating Fail’ Best Pop Song (Indi Songwriting)
‘Unpaid Therapist’ Reached #2 (Play MPE)
Top 20 Australian Release Streams
‘My Way Out Of The Dark’ Reached #1 (OCMR Charts)
'Friend For Life" Best Video 2023 (Red Carpet Awards Holland)
‘Epic Dating Fail’ Top10 2023 (Australian Songwriting Association)
‘My Way Out Of The Dark’ Top10 2023 (Australian Songwriting Association)
UK Independant Artist Charts “Emergence” number 1 Album 2023


‘Not Gonna Wait’ 2022 (WAM Song of the Year)
‘Surely’ 2021 (WAM Song of the Year)
10 Catagories (Red Carpet Awards Holland)
‘Best Video’ 2023 (ICMA)
‘Patti McKinnen Award’ 2023 (ICMA)
‘How Lucky We Are’ 2022 Semi-Finalist (International Songwriting Comp)
‘Not Gonna Wait’ 2022 Finalist ‘Best Rock Song’ (Indi Songwriting Awards)
‘Take It In’ 2022 Finalist ‘Best Country Song’ (Indi Songwriting Awards)
‘Surely’ 2022 Finalist ‘Best Pop Song’ (Indi Songwriting Awards)
‘Unpaid Therapist’ 2023 Finalist (World Songwriting Awards)
‘Patty McKinnen Award’ 2024 (ICMA)
‘Rising Star’ Finalist 2023 (ISSA)
'Emerging Talent' Finalist 2023 (ISSA)
‘Hand in Hand’ Finalist ‘Best Song’ 2023 (ISSA)
‘Rock The House’ Finalist ‘Best Music Video’ 2023 (ISSA)
‘Rising Star’ Finalist 2024 (ISSA)
Finalist ‘Best Music Video’ 2024 (ISSA)
‘Unpaid Therapist’ Finalist ‘Best Album’ 2024 (ISSA)
Finalist ‘Best Vocalist’ 2024 (ISSA)
Bailey Perrie” is very beautiful and talented. Her song writing is fresh and unique. The video conceptualization is also on point” - Sky Video SHD

Sky Video SHD

Bailey Perrie is an up-and-coming artist with a fresh and exciting sound. Her latest music video, titled “Unpaid Therapist”, is a high-spirited and fun-filled visual feast that perfectly captures her unique personality.” - FeaturedVid


The song’s message is universally drenched; an emotional anthem for anyone living through a challenging time or in need of a pick-me-up. I hope it will carry listeners on a journey of reflection, hope, and optimism.” - Sheldon Ang

Sheldon Ang Media

Bailey’s talent for song writing is excellent and I have no doubt that she will have a musical career as she has always dreamed.” - Perth Now

Perth Now

Meet Bailey Perrie ⏤ the creator of our latest featured dance video created during isolation. Bailey, from Western Australia, and has impressed us by not only writing and recording an original song, but also choreography and producing the video for it”

DanceLife Australia